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About Will

Full name: Wilma Vandom
Age: 12-13

Will is the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, the source of the guardians' power, and possesses the fifth element, Quintessence. Not only does she unite the five guardians, but she is also the most powerful of the five. She can communicate with machines, animals react to her emotions, she can throw lightning bolts, and she may even gain the ability to control life and death as time goes on, just as Nerissa, the previous keeper of the Heart, did. Being the keeper of the Heart also means that Will plays the role of the leader.

Will lives with her mother, Susan Vandom, and she is an only child. She moved to Heatherfield from Fadden Hills with her mother at the start of the series. Her parents are divorced and her father, Tony, doesn't appear until the end of "M is for Mercy" during season 2.

Will is a bit of a tomboy and has an odd obsession with frogs. Her entire room is filled with every frog thing that you could possibly imagine, except for an actual living one. She also enjoys swimming a lot and has a soft spot for animals.

Differences between comic Will and show Will:

* In the comics, Will starts out with her powers, but in the show, she doesn't get them until the second season. Up until then, her transformed self only has super strength and the ability to fly, both of which she did not have in the comics. Hay Lin, the air guardian, was originally the only one who could fly, despite the rest of the girls having wings.

* In the show, Will sees Matt for the first time at her 13th birthday party in the season 1 episode "Happy Birthday Will". In the comics, she sees him at the Halloween party in issue 1.

* In the comics, Will saves her pet dormouse from the school bully, Uriah, and his gang, who were toturing it. In the show, her dormouse is a gift from Matt.

* In the comics, Will is able to keep her dormouse and she developes a very close relationship to it. In the show, her mother doesn't let her keep it and it gets passed along between the five guardians and Elyon until finally, Matt winds up with it. He keeps it for the rest of the series.

* In the show, Will's personality was altered slightly. She's a lot less sensitive and a lot a less moody. She also seems to be more outspoken.

* In the comics, Will was quite close to her mother, while in the show, they have a more typical teenage daughter to mother relationship.

* In the TV show, Will's father's name was changed from Thomas to Tony, and the writers dropped the plot of him being a gambler. When he comes to Heatherfield to see Will, Susan makes a comment about him not being around, but nothing really comes from it. Eventually, he reveals that he's getting married to a woman named Serena, and Will becomes convinced that Serena is Nerissa. After having Blunk spy on them, she discovers that Serena is not Nerissa, and soon Will accepts their marriage.


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